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secondary spring

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Im just trying to get everything tuned right. Ive been running my car harder than usual. On the highway at about 3K rpm's when i floor it, i start to accelerate and about 1.5-2 seconds after flooring it i think my secondaries are opening because i get alot of power.
Question is, should there be a 1.5-2 sec. delay in the opening? I dont think its bogging down in that delay, it just is a simple delay of power. Do i want a lighter spring or a stiffer one? I dont know what is in there now. ( i think it is a black one, but am not sure at the moment).
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A quick, easy way to determine how far the secondaries are opening is to clip a paper clip on the linkage sticking out the bottom of the secondary vacuum can. Position the paper clip such that it is right up against the vacuum can.

As the secondaries are drawn open, the linkage rod moves up, forcing the paper clip to slide down the rod.

Make a couple of hard runs. Then with the car turned off, you can work the secondaries until the paper clip touches the vacuum can. This is how far the secondaries where opening.
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