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Seat spring question

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What is the proper way to get the seat springs apart from the seat frames? I was trying to get them off with some needle nose pliers but was having a really hard time. They are 68 seats I think.


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I've had good luck using a long-handle, wide-blade, screw driver. Something you can get a good twisting grip on. Bend the tabs up just enough to get the old spring out and the new spring in. If there is a special tool for doing this job, I've never used it.

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A pair of older side cutters work great.

You should be able to pick up some new BW clips at any upholstery shop if you aren't able to save the ones you have.

Make sure they are the lined kind so they don't "squeak".

I have the special tools to install these as well, but I found a big ol' pair of pliers work best.
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