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I recently bought Seatcovers, Doorpanels and Carpet from YearOne. Panels and Covers were from PUI and I'm really glad with them. Carpets were from ACC and they were good too. I guess you can't do nothing wrong with yearone, their service was fabulous, i live in Europe, I used their service a lot
My Opinion: go for it!

Have Fun!

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wolfehunter:
Has anyone out there ever purchased seat covers from Year One? Are they good quality and original looking? I've shopped around and they seem to have the best price at $229.00 for the set(buckets and rear). Plus they just mailed me a coupon for another 20% off so that's the set for under $190 plus shipping which I didn't think was too bad. Any thoughts? Also looking for some good quality carpet?



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