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seat belts

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I just noticed that my 70 Chevelle that I have been rebuilding does not have seat belts in the rear. I need this so that I can attatch my sons car seat. Any suggestions?
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Looks like these guys can help you.

Bill Koustenis
Advanced Automotive Machine
Waldorf Md

1971 Heavy Chevy - original owner
Team Chevelle #100
All that did was scare the crap out of me. 185.00! I just need something to bolt in and can hold his car seat. I guess my real question is were do they they bolt into. Stock seat belts are not a concern. There is not much origanal left anyway
Lildog, I got some from my nearby Van Conversion shop. You might try a local 4x4 or speed shop or the neighborhood Pep Boys for some universal fit ones.

Leo Paugh
Maryland Chevelle Club #017
Lildog, stock belts suck, at least in my 67. Canuck64SS has been doing some work on this and has a preliminary rig in the works. I find that my stocks belts don;t have the right length. The buckle ends up right at the edge of the seat.( where it feeds through).

Now, your 70 should have seat belt mounting holes just under the rear seat itself. You should be able to use these. Steve's going hog wild with a flat piece of bar stock. It'll be bulletproof and I intend to copycat him once he works it out. But like Leo said, you can get an aftermarket set and you should be able to bolt them in the existing mounts.

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