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Seat belt retractor not working-help!

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I took apart the drivers side belt retractor assembly out to lubricate it and clean it, and i cannot get the retractor to work again. I know that there is a spring inside the unit, how can i get it to 'load' up and retract the belt again? Any help is as always, appriciated.


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Make sure the spring has both of the straight ends unbroken. Put the plastic ends on and insert the springs into the ends. Put the assy in the retractor bracket and through the slot in the belt. Make sure the belt is through the cover as well. Put the nut on the cross bolt but do not tighten it. You should roll up the belt around retractor before putting it in. Now without tightening the nut, turn the head of the bolt and it will start to "windup". Once you feel it start to pull, tighten the nut and pull on the belt to see if you have enough tension to retract it all the way. If not, loosen the nut (keeping everything from moving) and tighten the head some more, then see where you are again.

Caution: Do NOT overtighten... It will break the springs.

Good Luck!

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