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Seat belt retractor not working-help!

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I took apart the drivers side belt retractor assembly out to lubricate it and clean it, and i cannot get the retractor to work again. I know that there is a spring inside the unit, how can i get it to 'load' up and retract the belt again? Any help is as always, appriciated.


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When I took apart the LH retractor on my 70 Chevelle the inner plastic sleeve was broken. I took apart a spare and moved over the inner plastic tube. Make sure there's nothing broken.

You roll the belt (don't forget to run it thru the plastic cover) around the sleve making sure the springs ends are seated (one on the platic tube, the other on the bracket). When you pull on the belt it turns the spring creating tension.

Probably easier to compare to the other side, just don't unbolt it.


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