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Yesterday was the final race for the 2005 season. We towed down to Virginia Motorsports Park running the final RAM Racing Normally Aspirated series event in the Drag Radial class.

Cool temps and great air promised great track times although a strong wind all day (cross to head wind) plauged racers all day.

The car was struggling with a miss from half track on which it developed at the test session Wednesday night at Cecil. I mistook the miss for a lean condition and wound up jetting the carb several times to no avail till it was discovered that a fresh set of plugs eliminated this condition.

With Mike from F.A.S.T offering up a $100 bonus for any D/R car running a 9 second pass, I was doing my best to try and break into the 9's at VMP. Sadly, for what ever reason, I could not get the car to run a 9 second pass again.

Here's a breakdown of the runs made.

10:20 am T&T pass prior to qualifying (84/92 baseline jet, had miss)
1.410 60'
4.102 330'
6.395 660'
106.48 mph
8.407 1000'
10.136 1320'
129.69 mph

11:27 am 1st qualifying pass (86/94 jet, had miss)
1.415 60'
4.116 330'
6.415 660'
106.12 mph
8.433 1000'
10.164 1320'
129.65 mph

12:55 pm 2nd qualify pass (86/94 jet, new plugs, miss gone)
1.400 60'
4.070 330'
6.355 660'
107.02 mph
8.345 1000'
10.048 1320'
131.69 mph

3:30 2st round of eliminations (88/96 jet)
1.411 60'
4.097 330'
6.390 660'
106.59 mph
8.394 1000'
10.106 1320'
131.09 mph

8:01 pm 2nd round of eliminations (went back to baseline 84/92 jet)
1.397 60'
4.063 330'
6.342 660'
107.21 mph
8.334 1000'
10.036 1320'
131.77 mph

8:26 pm final round (tried bumping timing from 38 to 40 degrees)
1.399 60'
4.064 330'
6.342 660'
106.39 mph
8.333 1000'
10.036 1320'
131.61 mph

Wound up losing again to Ron Rhodes in the final.

We had a great season this year with the most success since I've been playing with this car. With this last event, we have won the points series with the Drag Radial class. The awards dinner will be in the middle of December.

Very pleased with how the season went, but still am a bit disappointed that I couldn't get the car to run a 9 second pass during RAM competition...just a little goal I set for myself.

Gonna throw the street exhaust back on and take it out for a cruise here soon and burn up the last few gallons of fuel left before the car gets put away for winter.

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Todd it was great meeting you at VMP this weekend and congrats on you great performance. I realy enjoyed racing in the Ram racing event and I hope to be able to make several of the races next year. Hopefully I will have the new combo worked out bye then. I had fun even though I went out in the first round.

Ronnie Jones

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Hey Ronnie,

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you. It's a nice facility there even if it is a REAL slow program. lol.

Hope to meet up again next season. Keep me posted on future runs with the new combination. Sounds like you had some really good initial runs with literally no tuning. Can't wait to see what it'll run once it's dialed in.

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Thanks Bob.

Not sure about next season. Surely lost my competitive advantage with a 9.30 car entering the class, but again, everyone else is in the same boat. I really like the class and the guys I race with. It's also nice racing against only N/A cars and not worrying about a nitrous car blowing by you at the 1000' mark. I've got a whole list of possible upgrades, but in reality I'd be lucky to get two or three of them accomplished. We'll see how things go over the winter and what gets done and go from there.

My car works really well on this tire, just lacking the power needed to run a competitive number.

One things for sure, I won't have as good of a season as this year unless somehow I get some sponsors lined up to help out with potential upgrades. Not a likely scenerio.

We'll just wait and see what happens over the winter.

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Nice season Todd! And nice progress with your car. I'm impressed.
If you only have one 9.30 car coming out next should still be able to have fun! Sometimes cars that fast have to lift.......
I run in a heads up 10" tire class, but ours has nitrous and turbo cars. Right after the season ended, 2 of the turbo cars went 9.2 and 9.5.....and a couple of the nitrous cars went high for me....I'm pretty much toast nest year, unless I spray it. Probably not going to happen.
Unfortunately I'm the only NA car that came out to play.
And like you, we are done till March/April time frame as well. Gonna be along winter.

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Fantastic News Todd... :beers: :beers: :beers:

Hard work and committment is paying off Huge...

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations Todd! There sure are a lot of racing success stories on this site for a group of guys called "wannabe's" by one infamous ex-contributer :)

I wish you could tow that thing South once over the winter so us guys could see it run in person.

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Very nice work Todd!! Looking forward to seeing you next year at Cecil. Make sure to give a shout when you're heading up our way.

And as someone who's see the 'bu: It leaves the line like it's on a catapult!! Freakin rocks!!!! :eek: :eek: :)
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