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scored a free small block ( identification help)

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hey guys i just got a free sbc short block anyway the vin is 3970010 the #s on the other side say e176 its a 4 bolt.
any other way i can tell for sure what it is and if it has a steel crank or not? thanks- Joey

the info i found says

3970010....327.....69....2 bolt...Trucks and industrial

3970010....350...69-80...2 or 4 bolt

3970010....302.....69....4 bolt...Z-28 Camaro
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Theres 3 with that code but yours is:
TXD =76 ,350 ,Truck (C-20 & C-30) ,165hp ,LS-9 rpo code ,w/TH 350 & 4-Brl C-20 & C-30
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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