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Scored a 1968 Chevelle - Build: peice-together

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So I scored a great deal on a 68 Chevelle Malibu, Fremont CA car. Original options were bench seat, A/C, Black Vinyl top and interior, ivory white paint, 10 bolt rear end. Engine in it now is a 1970 350. still trying to figure if the trans is a TH350 or 400...anyone know how to tell the difference??

Anyways, a guys was asking $3600, I got it for $3k. Used the $2500 I got from selling my 396/402 engine that was going to go in my 69 Build. The car was taken apart as you will see but almost all parts were there in the garage. It seems like it was only missing some hardware, front bumper, center grille section, carpet, and other minor interior parts. As far as running, it did not run. The engine was taken apart so the battery was not there but the rest of it was. Here are pics of it when I first got it.

Feel free to let me know what you think it may be worth where I have it now. I am debating keeping it, or selling it to get my 69 Chevelle Build further along.
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Fastest way to ID the trans is to count the bolts on the tail shaft housing. 4 bolts is a 350, 6 bolts is a 400
Or placement of the vac modulator. TH400 is right in front of dipstick. 350 is out back to the right of the tailshaft.
After this car sat for a few years uncovered without the hood on, here is what it took me to get it running:
-new fuel filter
-new holley electric fuel pump (same as it had, old one was bad)
-new fuel hose
-new radiator hoses and fluid
-new air cleaner
-new spark plugs
-oil change
-new section of hose on the trans line (after it was running found the leak and replaced it)
-new battery
and some GASOLINE!

After I got it running, I cleaned up the engine compartment. polished up the fan and chrome that was there but was rusted. the chrome air cleaner helped its appearance. cleaned the intake manifold and carb, painted the block, alternator, and radiator. then wrapped up all the wires to look neater.


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Fastest way to ID the trans is to count the bolts on the tail shaft housing. 4 bolts is a 350, 6 bolts is a 400
Or placement of the vac modulator. TH400 is right in front of dipstick. 350 is out back to the right of the tailshaft.

Ill have a look when I get back home today, thanks guys!
..forgot to mention i did a quick pressure wash on the car to clean it up when i towed it home...

As I said, the car was missing the grille and bumper, well I was able to pick up an original front clip - grille, emblem, bumper filler panel, brackets, header panel and emblem for $100 still originally riveted together, swapped my repro header panel on it because it was much straighter and it looked great. Also picked up an original 68 bumper with the brackets and turn signal assembly still intact for $80. bumper has a couple slight dings but well see how it mounts. Ill be able to sell my 2nd set of brackets, filler panel etc. i got the tail lights mounted back up. tailights and brake lights work. trunk light is wired but for some reason not working, turn signals need help. Anyone know why when i put the signal on for either side, the taillights brightens up but stays solid and doesnt flash????? maybe because the rest of the front and rear lights arent in?

heres pics

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I didnt mention but the car came with new vinyl top in the box, new ss 396 grille emblem, and new headliner in the box. some other parts are reproduction and like new as well but have been weathered. ill be putting up the interior pics soon as has the original door panels, rear seat, dash, dash pad, rear sails, pillar arms, belts etc. minus the headliner, carpet, steering wheel and front seats which are camaro. All parts original or not are in great condition. super surprised how great of shape the original parts are in.
Just seeing it so far, anyone know what it may be worth?? no rust on floor pans, only slight rust under rear window. some body damage that i found was only on the passenger quarter around the wheel well. has 90% of its interior which is mostly original. runs great. b&m ratchet shifter. 350 with a cam, not sure much details as far as rebuild and mileage. car is solid and runs and has basically all necessary parts for completion.

paid 3k, have about 1k into it now including things like tools, hardware, towing etc. what could it sell for in bay area, california which is near its hometown of Fremont, Ca.????
got the hood mounted yesterday, fixed a small leak on the radiator, and drove it a little bit. it helped get the brakes to a better point.

anybody know an easy way to repair the overflow outlet on the radiator neck??? its loose and wobbles so if it were to overflow i think the fluid would just leak out before it can make it down the hose to the overflow tank.


some pics...

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Good job on finding all those parts cheap. Amazing how an engine can be neglected for years and still run with a little work!
here are some pics of the original interior it came with...i have all the original door panels, dash, rear view mirror, seat belts, visors etc in great condition. ill just need to install the new headliner, carpet, and rear deck shelf and it will be lookin sweet. a few things before i get to the interior though....and im pretty sure these are original camaro bucket seats

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well this weekend i decided to attach the interior.... followed the great write up by Chris (bubba68ss) here on TC

just about done, gotta pull the sides and glue them up to get rid of the last wrinkles and finish it off, not very hard or too time consuming. did mine with the windows in even and ive never done somethin like this. i feel accomplished now :hurray: the hardest part really was snapping the clips in and i found some difficulty around the corners of the rear and front window so far. anyway pics are on the way..also added in some gauges and painted the dash up etc
also got the bumpers polished and mounted with the original california plates

the headliner kit that came with the car when i bought it also came with extra material to redo the visors and rear sail panels to match, my visors already match tho and are in good original condition surprisingly.

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so sold this thing a couple months ago :( sucked to see it go but it went to a 15 yr old kid and his dad to finish so i couldnt be more happy...thats how i was introduced to cars. The original Fremont Ca car has now moved from SF to Sacramento. Im in the process of posting up the pics of it the day I sold it, came out nice, all work done by me, couldnt be more pleased. It was good learning. The $$$ went straight into the paint job on my 69 (build thread in my sig) and i was also able to pick up a complete LS1/4L60E combo. So im stoked.

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