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Score!!! Kinda

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I was putting the body back on my frame today when I spotted what looked like a piece of paper on the fuel tank. Well you know I removed the fuel tank an carefully removed what was left of the build sheet. Not a whole lot left but with careful brushing I was able to clean it up enough to see some of the options and the all important Z code indicating it is a SS. Not sure if I have any added value but a partial sheet has to be better then none at all.
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Mike, congrats on finding the build sheet. Since you don't have any info on your profile or signature, I don't know what year car you have.
I fixed that, it's a 69 SS 396
Nice. Those full framingham sheets are so hard to find. If you found any in the interior, were they the far left side of the sheet (about 2 inches wide)? That is all I seem to find in 69 chevelles from Framingham I look in. I really need to start dropping some of the gas tanks on these cars since they are in junkyard and mostly accessible. Thanks for posting a picture of yours. Do you know what dealer it came from?

Being in New England, it is hard to find build sheets in any condition!

I haven't found any on the inside but haven't really looked. Where are you finding them? I have no idea what dealer it came from but I sure wish I did. I think it spent it's life in MA. I have a title from MA and contacted the owner but he couldn't tell me anything about the person he bought it from but believed he was in MI now.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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