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SanDisk MP 3 player

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i picked up a SanDisk MP 3 player the other day at Radio Shack, along with a little chip with 1000 songs-how can i play this thru my computer speakers-i was hoping it would play thru my car stereo (it has a USB port)
i never liked head phones
dont get real complicated with instructions, im not great with computers, lol
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You got a USB cable with it, correct? Plug it into a USB port and it should come up as another drive asking you what you want to do - play with Windows Media Player, etc.

Do that and post what happens. :)
Before we go any further - is it a Sansa Clip+, or what model is it?
I have another model - the Sansa Clip+, so I'm not familiar with yours, although there are similarities. Check out the SanDisk forums:

and try what it says in post # 6. That is for Windows XP; I don't know what you're running. But I had problems with my PC recognizing my player when I got it and these Auto Detect/MTP/MSC settings were the answer.
Did you try what I suggested in post #6 above? Unplug the player from the computer first and then try this:

Go to Settings/System Settings/Scroll down to USB Mode. Mine was set to Auto Detect by default but my computer was still detecting it as an MTP device instead of MSC. By clicking on MSC, the XP computer recognized the player automatically, no problem.
Or find that 10-year-old. ;)
shoulda got an iPod
Eh, they're overrated - and overpriced ... ;) Then you have to deal with ITunes :rolleyes:; or do you?
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