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SanDisk MP 3 player

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i picked up a SanDisk MP 3 player the other day at Radio Shack, along with a little chip with 1000 songs-how can i play this thru my computer speakers-i was hoping it would play thru my car stereo (it has a USB port)
i never liked head phones
dont get real complicated with instructions, im not great with computers, lol
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when i plug it in, it doesnt turn on, just uses the computer as a charger-i do see it in Windows media player, but dont know what to do with it-it appears on the right side
it says Sandisc, sansafuze, mp3 player-i have a 1000 song slot radio chip in it
i think i have windows 7-when i open up the windows media player, i see the mp3 on the left side, and shows the int/ext memory, but when i click on music, under the ext it says
there is nothing there-i should have known not to buy anything like this, lol
man, i dont know how people learn this computer related stuff, i can rebuild an automatic, engine, rear, paint, etc, but when it comes to computer stuff, i have to find a 10 year old to help me, lol
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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