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I have a 66 coupe.
Can someone tell me if a sail panel and ear muff are the same thing?
In Ausley's they don't mention sail panels but instead, ear muffs.
In NPD they dont mention ear muffs but sail panels.
They are the card board piece that fits between the rear window and the back window.

Also the trim around the doors that covers the pinch welds...what is that called?

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Terry, they are the same thing. I think there are two different sizes for 66, short ones early and then changed to the larger ones like the 67 in late 66.
I think your talking about the windlace that covers the pinch welds.

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There is a difference between early and late production Headliners, as CFR said... the early version got a different style headliner and the back window corners got what is referred to as "Earmuffs" seen below:

Then midproduction the 66's started receiving the more commonn headliner with the more characteristic "SailPanel" headliner.

When you order your headliner, you need to order the correct one for your car, based on what is there now, I would say...noting that either will work, but requires some different installation if changed. The earmuff style is a PIA...

Also, and I will finish here....Remember that it is not written in stone that early cars all got Earmuff style...I have seen early cars without...


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