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S10 Disc - Drum Brake Conversion

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As the title states, this is for an S10 pickup, but since there's such a wealth of knowledge here, I think I can get an answer. Other than replacing pads and shoes (bleeding brakes and that kind of thing), I haven't done any work on a brake system.

I have a 98 S10 pickup (2wd, 2.2L, 5-spd), which came stock with discs up front and drums in the rear. I have the spindles and brake hardware from a 2002 Blazer (dual caliper piston upgrade) and the disc brake rear end from a 4wd 2000 Blazer.
Aside from having to adapt the front brake hose from 1/4 on the calipers to 3/16 on the body, I *think* the only other part that might have to be changed over is the proportioning valve.

Using to research the proportioning valve that came with each vehicle, I found that the truck has ACDELCO Part # 1722225 {#12383531} on it currently. The proportioning valve that goes with the rear brakes is ACDELCO Part # 12389521 (since I'm changing from drums to discs, I assume this is the important one). Unfortunately, that's all the info I could uncover. I don't know if/how they differ.

I also saw a post recently that had a corvette master cylinder with proportioning valve built in; would something like that be a better choice than the stock blazer unit (that matches the new rear) or one of the aftermarket adjustable units? So what the hell am I doing here, lol. :)
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By deep do you mean total width? I'm running IROC rims (front and rear have different backspacing), and I currently have spacers on the rear to get the rims out the right width, so the extra width of the 4wd rear will fix that issue for me. Is that what you're referring to?
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