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S10 Disc - Drum Brake Conversion

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As the title states, this is for an S10 pickup, but since there's such a wealth of knowledge here, I think I can get an answer. Other than replacing pads and shoes (bleeding brakes and that kind of thing), I haven't done any work on a brake system.

I have a 98 S10 pickup (2wd, 2.2L, 5-spd), which came stock with discs up front and drums in the rear. I have the spindles and brake hardware from a 2002 Blazer (dual caliper piston upgrade) and the disc brake rear end from a 4wd 2000 Blazer.
Aside from having to adapt the front brake hose from 1/4 on the calipers to 3/16 on the body, I *think* the only other part that might have to be changed over is the proportioning valve.

Using to research the proportioning valve that came with each vehicle, I found that the truck has ACDELCO Part # 1722225 {#12383531} on it currently. The proportioning valve that goes with the rear brakes is ACDELCO Part # 12389521 (since I'm changing from drums to discs, I assume this is the important one). Unfortunately, that's all the info I could uncover. I don't know if/how they differ.

I also saw a post recently that had a corvette master cylinder with proportioning valve built in; would something like that be a better choice than the stock blazer unit (that matches the new rear) or one of the aftermarket adjustable units? So what the hell am I doing here, lol. :)
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just as a side note, the 4wd disks in the rear will not work. or they did not for me anyway. The disk/drum setup was too deep and required quit a bit of custom work. Axles flange offset is 2.75" for chevy diffs and the s10/blazer was more around 3.5" or more if i remember
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