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Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy

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Anyone ever use this stuff. I used it last night in a floor brace after de-rusting and this stuff seems tougher than my House of Kolor Epoxy Primer. It is for indoor use only. I called rustoleum and they state that that is because it changes color under UV rays and will "probably" not hold up well in the elements. I was thinking of using it in the interior the car. Since I wouldnt need to spray it with cems first , like when using POR15 to get it to adhere properly. Just get the majority of the rust off and this stuff is rock solid.

Any other thoughts good or bad?
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I used the paint on rustoleum bbq grill epoxy paint on my s-60 housing and axle tubes. worked great and has held up fine so far(over a year). mark
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