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Okay, built a new 350 SBC. Discovered what Long Slot Rockers were (thanks Bill K.) but still seems I am having some really confusing valve issues after I swaped in a new set of roller tips to replace my stamped(short slot) stock rockers. I have ran the valves six ways to Sunday and cannot figure out what is going on.

I tighten the rocker until the of the up and down play is out of the rocker to pushrod junction, then a quarter turn.

I have tried the 90 degree method and the EOIC method and get the same results, NO compression. If I back out the quarter turn I get 150psi on all eight.:confused: I am watching the rocker as I tighten and it is loooooose right up until I feel it touch, go beyond that and I can see the valve being opened.

What gives? are my valve springs weaker than the lifter springs? Are my lifters locked up? Do I need to run screw in studs with guides on a mild Cam?

So I ran the valve like I was running solids, made a hell of a mess, and the car runs now. I am still getting a subtle valve rattle in the low frequencies under load with occasional loud rattles that come and go? Can't find any loose valves? WTH am I doing wrong?

Specs are smogger 76cc heads with 195/150 valves and stock studs. Springs lifters and Cam all came together as a kit from Comp Cams. Cam has a 470/470 lift 110 degree separation. I had the whole set sitting in the box on a shelf for a few years unused. Stock pushrods and a new set of roller tip PRI budget rockers.
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