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Hy;friends I have an 71 monte carlo round lights gauges installed on my 72 malibu with complete dash and with wire harness from fuse box back to all inside of car. The front end harness is the original malibu harness i need know wich wires i have change to be funtional the new dash installed on car. thanks

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I just did the same thing on mine.I switched the dash out of a 72 monte to my 72 chevelle I had to use harness out of the monte for under the dash but the one in front (engine) was the same. all u have to do is hook fuse block under the hood to the one inside car and your done one screw on the one under your hood and 2 screws on the inside. you should be good to go if not i have a wiring diagram for a 72 chevelle and there all the same. email me if ya want it. I had to clean the contacts on the lights in the 72 monte dash to get them to light. but all works good now

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The 72 Monte Carlo dash harness is a direct replacement for a 72 Chevelle. The 71 Monte Carol or Chevelle dash harness is not a direct replacement for a 72 Chevelle. You will need to move wires in the dash harness bulkhead connector. The 71 harness will not accommodate some circuits. Seat belt warning, TCS and key warning. Most don't care about these anyway.

If you look closely at the wire side of the dash harness bulkhead connector (separate the fuse block from the bulkhead connector) You should see letters marking the rows and columns. The rows are A,B,C and D. The columns are S,T,U and V for the forward lamp harness and W,X,Y and Z for the engine harness. The following instructions will refer to these coordinates.

Forward lamp harness
AS – No wire
BS – Tan wire (for brake warning light) -From DU
CS – Light Blue wire (for left hand direction signal) NO CHANGE
DS – Yellow wire (for windshield wiper power) -From CY
AT – Black wire (ground from steering wheel horn button for horn relay) -NO CHANGE
BT – Brown/white wire (from ignition switch to voltage regulator) -From CU. --Two wires on light harness. The second, Brown is from the GEN light.
CT – Dark Blue wire (for right hand direction signal) NO CHANGE
DT – Light Blue wire (for windshield wiper) -From DY
AU – Light Green wire (for headlights high beam) NO CHANGE
BU – Brown wire (for running lights) -From BU
CU – Dark blue wire (for windshield wiper) -From CZ
DU – Black wire (for windshield wiper) -From DZ
AV – Tan wire (for headlight low beam) NO CHANGE
DV – No wire

Engine harness
AW – No wire (engine harness has black wire to trans switch for TCS)
DW – Red wire (main power feed from horn relay/starter) -From DV
AX – No wire (Would be a tan wire for TCS)
BX – Pink wire (connects to a brown or white/orange/ppl resistance wire to coil +) NO CHANGE
CX – Black/White wire (for amp gauge) -From DT --No wire on light dash harness
DX – Black wire (for amp gauge) -From DS--No wire on light dash harness.
AY – Brown wire (for tachometer to coil -) --No wire on light dash harness. On the 71 gauge dash harness this wire passes through the firewall.
BY – Dark Blue wire (for oil pressure switch) NO CHANGE
CY – No wire
DY – No wire
AZ – Purple wire (to starter solenoid) -From AW
BZ – Orange wire (for heater blower not used on air conditioned car) NO CHANGE
CZ – Dark Green wire (for engine water temp sender) -From BS --Temp switch on light harness.
DZ – No wire (would be dark blue for TCS

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