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rough times for a fellow chevelle owner

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A couple weeks ago I met a guy at PaintersLane (do it your self shop) that is restoring a 72 chevelle that has been in his family for years, His name is John (dont know his last name). I talked to him for a while and learned that he has been on this sight many times I dont know if he posts here or just reads. but any way, I stopped by the shop a few days ago to check on his progress and offer a hand if needed. The owner of the shop informed that John had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is starting chemo and will be unable to finish his dream car. Several of the members at the shop are making arrangments to finish the car for him. We are all meeting tomorrow for a block sanding party I hope we can finish it to his liking. Ive only met him the one time but he seems Like a really nice guy. I hope and pray that everything works out for him and he recovers fully.
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my prayers go out to him..if i was in the area i would love to a sand block kinda far away. all i can say is be strong and hang in there,
guys like you encourage the rest of us!! "you can move in next to anybody, doesn't make them a good neighbor"....prayers to your acquaintance.
Ken, that's very sad. It's great that you guys are doing that for him, I hope it's something that he will recover from.
You should Start a post in Cruise Inn's, with OHIO in the title. I know that if I new about it, and was close, I'd be there.

That's awfully cool of all of you all to do.
Wow, brain tumors can go either way. Let's hope he can recover.

That is truly selfless of you all to work on his car. That sounds like good karma to me! My prayers go out to John.
will keep him in my prayers god bless him and all of you for trying to make a fellow chevelle lovers dream come true.ive got some parts cars if I can assist with any parts let me know!!
hope he make's a recovery, that's great what you guy's are doing may help with his recovery. take plenty of pic's while helping him out!! we want to see...:thumbsup:
My thoughts and prayers are with him, and a big thumbs up to all you that are helping him:thumbsup: that's a long commute for me but I'm with you in spirit.
please let us know if we can pitch in with some $$$ for the project?
That is one of the best things about this site. Everyone helping each other any way they can. I guess that's why it is "Team" Chevelle.
I'm with CRUZN69. Anybody in John's area want to set up some way for us to donate some $$$ to help finish the project? We could have our own version of TC Overhaulin'.
I just woke up and gathering things up to head to the shop, Ill talk to the owner of the shop that is putting this all together to see if he can set something up for those of you that offered to make donations. I know john has been working on the car for about a year, he has replaced both fenders, hood, floors, and door skins, The car was sprayed with High build a few days before he was dianosed. Carl,the owner of the shop, Thinks it is close to paint ready and is hoping we can have it ready for paint today. If I remember correctly It is being sprayed Cortez silver and black. Im not sure what engine is going in it, I think there planning on putting the original 307 back in it but im not sure. I should no more today, Im just a participant and haven't been givin all the info yet. Ill take some picts so you can follow the progress. Thanks for all encouragment im sure when john sees this it will help him to not that every one is praying for him
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Keep us posted Ken. That's just horrible, and I would like to kick a few bucks in for supplies if you hear of a way to do that.

Just got back from the shop, About 20 guys showed up, As I was leaving it was going back in the booth for more High Build. I spoke to carl He asked me to pass along his email for anyone wishing to make a donation, Contact him an he will let you know how to do it. his email is [email protected].

John came by to thank every one, Like I said before I barely know him but he seems to be doing well. As before he is an incredibly nice guy and well deserving of everything that is being done. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
Man this is awesome. Consider yourself both lucky and chosen to be able to participate in something like this. People like that sometimes need a reason to pull through things and this just may be the ticket. I will kick a few coins myself.
My prayers are with him and the best to him and his project. You guys are great!!!!!!!
Awesome :thumbsup: Keep us up to date on the progress ,especially his, and the cars'.
Yesterday the entire car was blocked with 400. a few problem areas were identified and repaired (Hi/low spots) at 5:00 or so it went in the booth for another coat of high build. We're going back down on tuesday to block it again. John had ordered new inner front fenders, front end bolt kit, stripe kit that should be in tomorrow, We plan on shooting the inners, radiator support and firewall tomorrow. body should be in a paint friday. Then its color sand buff and assemble. I have some picts from sunday morning before we started but forgot to take any as we went along. Were can I post them to get a link here?

edit: also found out that this was his grandmothers car, it has been in their family since it was new. He and his wife are bringing her down to see the progress. kinda neat
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