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Rough downshift on powerglide 2 speed automatic

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When the engine and driveline are cold, I get a rough, jolting downshift into neutral as I approach a stoplight. As things warm up, it tends to go away but it is still perceptible. It only occurs from low gear to neutral, though there is a little jolt when shifting into drive too, but nothing like the down shift. Engine is a 283 factory stock.

Do I check the fluid level with the trans. hot and the car running like a modern automatic? And if the fluid is OK, could this be a weak spring on one one of the shift points?
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Chilton's manual says harsh up and down shifts are caused by defective vacuum modulator....I'd be checking the hose connections for deterioration. Check the fluid at 180 degrees. The book says in neutral, but your stick should have the correct directions stamped on it if it's an original, Maybe you're ready for a fluid change, clean the filter and add some lubricant Lube-Guard....

Steve O.
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