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Roller rockers or not ?

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I have a four bolt (010) 355 sb.... with RPM 64cc 2.02/1.6 aluheads......RPM alu intake.....Holley750 DP(not spreadbore), a hydraulic cam that lifts approx 495 dura around 240.....10.63 forged pistons.....

MY QUESTION: I have "Extra long slot" stamped rockers.....Should I have any advantage changing the rockers to rollers ???? ///KIM
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In my camaro i have a 355 with 11.1 comp, an old comp cams 292 cam, headers, a set of circle track heads with 2.08 valves. and the heads have been milled a ton. I had stock rockers on it and then switched to rollers. You could tell a big difference in how the motor sounded and reved. I have no idea if they gave me anymore power but it did seem like some increase. I would say they would be money well spent. Even better if you can find someone to split a set and get both 1.5 and 1.6 ratios.

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