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roller cams and mech fuel pumps

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some time ago i had used a hyd roller (cast iron) and a mech fuel pump-i had to replace the cam when the pump lobe went flat-im getting ready to build a BB with a roller and mech pump, and now wondering if it was the same deal with flat tappet lifters and modern oils-lack of zink or whatever
i realize the pump doesnt have as much pressure as a valve spring/lifter on the cam, but wondering if it does create a problem, and should you use an additive like what they use for flat tappet cams
i know on billit cam cores they have the bronze tipped pushrod, and even a roller tipped one
any thoughts on this(and no i dont want an elect pump, lol)
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No actual experience here--but--my first guess is that you had defective or mis-matched parts.

There is much less load on the fuel pump lobe; you shouldn't need a high-pressure additive there.

I bet you had a defective pump (shock load on the lobe) or the fuel pump pushrod was perhaps scarred on the cam lobe end; or made from an incompatible material. Perhaps the camshaft lobe was just too soft--improper heat-treatment?
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