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rod bolt help

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I have 7/16" dimple rods with aftermarket bolt. The bolts do not have a company stamp/logo. How do I know what to torque them too? The have been resized already. IF I buy new bolts I have to resize them again correct? Or should I torque them to a standard range and check the bore of the big end?
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Do you have access to a rod bolt stretch gauge? or willing to but one? You can see them at Summit or any of the other ususal vendors. might be cheaper than going through the whole deal again. Or, you could just torque to some reasonable value for 7/16 bolts and always wonder. the deal is, the bolts need to be stretched or preloaded a certain amount or they might loosen up. They can't be stretched too much or they will be in a fatigued state, might break.

Have you had a cap off? You could visually see if they're ARP waveloc or ground shank.
if you have a "standard" dial indicator it might fit in the tool, but I don't recall seeing any for sale that way.
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