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Rocker Stud Question

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I'm replacing the rocker studs in my edelbrock heads with longer ones. When I pulled the exh studs out, the course end of the stud was just as long as the rocker side. Do I have to put long ones like these back in?
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It is a very good idea
The long exhaust stud is there to strenghten the boss so you don't break it off.
It looks like I would have to go with ARP's pro series in order to get those long exh studs.
You need the long studs. It is easier to use them than to pay to fix a broken exhaust boss.
Very True! Anyone know how critical it is to have the rocker riding on the shoulder of the stud and not the threads? Also how much of the set screw should be protruding out of the nut when set properly? It appears for my situation that in order to get the rocker riding fully on the shoulder of the stud I have to expose almost all of the threads, which in return doesnt allow the set screw to thread in very far before it locks on the stud.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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