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rocker panel for 66

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wondering if the rocker panels are interchangable for the 66 coupe and the elcamino?
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Overall rocker length is the same on all 66 Chevelles, including the convertible.

The variables are:

Holes or no holes for rocker mldg. trim.

Convertibles have a stiffener that runs the length of the rocker.

All are stamped with the sill plate deflections for a four door model.

Saw your other post for a used one. Are the repro ones any good? Original rocker panels were also Galvanized.

Used rocker panels are tricky to install properly on a two door, if done to factory locations, and not sectioned before 1/4 panel seam and pillar flange.

Where is the damage on yours?

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I ordered a replacement rocker panel for my 67 back in 1999 and it didn't fit very well at all. I had a crushed section on my original rocker that I sectioned out, trimmed the new panel to fit and when I placed it in there the profiles were all off. As much as a 1/2" were they should have butted up. I found a 1965 GTO in a junk yard and got it's factory rocker panel. It was identical to the Chevy's and fit like a glove.
Thanks for getting back to me on this problem. the resto shop called me and said the damage (crushed from sliding into pole) was enough that he would rather replace with used vs aftermarket. I agree the aftermarkets dont fit well. If I remember correctly it damaged in the middle. The resto owner is a good friend of mine so I trust his judgement. I forgot that I had the option of other GM cars. That may make my search easier. I do have a 66 Elky sitting in my storage shed for parts that I might be able to use if it would fit.
If you can section in a piece from the door opening from the elky, you are good to go.
It goes over the top of the floor panel, under the cowl pillar. Used part can work very well.
The dicey part is dealing with the lower 1/4 seam, and pillar.
You have a lap seam at the floor, pinchweld to lower inner rocker. A sleave would work well at vertical butt joint before rear pillar.
Can also easily section before front hinge pillar.
Not too tough!

cool, thanks :thumbsup:
what aftermarket rocker replacement parts have you guys tried. my 67 will be getting a full right side rocker panel and i was going to use the goodmark piece which is suposed to be full OEM style piece with all the correct flanges contours ect.
Mine replacement rocker came from OPG back in 1998
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