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Rochester Quadrajet Choke Adjutment

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I just rebuilt my carb. and am still having the same starting issue, thinking the accelerator pump was bad. I sealed (epoxied the fuel bowls) and threw in the rest of the kit. I still need to pump the pedal 10 times before it will start. I cannot remember how to adjust the automatic choke properly. It seem that the fast idle cam is not flipping to the top of its travel, I manually place it there it starts and runs very well. I have messed with the adjustment on the choke cover but I want to get it right, its a hassle to open the hood to set the thing every time.
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have you looked at your kit instructions on how to set the fast idle linkage, choke pull of and choke adjust ment? also, check the unloader and air valve linkage. directions should be in your kit. basically, when you open the throttle with the engine cold the choke should shut and place the cam on the highest step. as soon as it starts the choke should pull off slightly and the fast idle should go to the next lowest step. how much the choke should pull off depends on your set up but if its to rich as soon as you start it cold open it up and if it dies or runs rough from being lean close it some. the setting in your kit is a good place to start
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