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We just got notice this morning that Ridetech will be raising prices this Saturday night! So, we would need orders in by Friday, Dec. 30th before 4pm Pacific.

Examples on pricing..

Upper Arms + $50/pr
Lower Arms + $50/pr

HQ Coilover's + $15/ea

Air Management.. 4 way Analog Compressor kits $100

Cool Ride Kits + $50

This will obviously raise kit prices as well... $130 on kits with HQ - Single Adjustables and air kits will see up to $230.

PLEASE get your order in as soon as you can. We are short staffed for the Holidays, just Kim and I are here this week to help you.

We can easily send paypal invoices to you guys or you can give us a call.

Thanks for your understanding on such short notice.
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