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These kits are now available to order and are complete with the following components:

• Magnum 6 speed with exclusive SST PerfectFit™ shifter that provides a factory console fit with short throws and a positive feel.
• Fully engineered crossmember that is a bolt-in. Models also available for boxed frame Convertible, Wagon and El Camino. BOP applications with the outer isolators are also covered.
• Transmission tunnel cutting template
• Engineered tunnel cover
• Complete driveshaft - painted, balanced and ready to install with solid Spicer U-joints.
• Isolator mount
• Speedometer components - electronic or mechanical
• Installation hardware and instructions

A full selection of installation accessories are also available. Each car is different, please call or email for detailed pricing on your specific project.

[email protected]

Jeff Kauffman
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