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If you are in the market for an inexpensive big brake setup, check out McGaughy's. I just installed a kit on my '71 El Camino (part #63237) and installation was a breeze. This kit retails for almost $1000, but if you go to this site you will find the same kit for $664. Now what I did was call Summit Racing and had them price match Grunion and then purchased from them. Summit is no hassle so I knew if I had any issues they would take care of it.

My only recommendation for the installation would be to place a jack under the lower A-arm, disconnect the ball joints and lower the arm until you can remove the spindle. Don't waste your time by removing the shock and spring as I did on the driver side. The passenger side went together in literally 1/3 of the time by not removing them.

The only other note that I know people have mentioned before on here is steering arm clearance with 2" drop spindles. I am running 18" Boss 338's and there is plenty of clearance. Some 17's may be able to clear, but do your homework before hand as some find out after the fact that the rims hits the steering arm or the caliper.

Here is a pic of the finished installation...
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