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Reuse/Replace ARP 8740 Rod Bolts or Upgrade to Series 2000/L19?

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My block, etc are almost finished at the machine shop. My current rod bolts are ARP 8740's and have been used on two rebuilds, and I didn't measure their free length. On the last rebuild, the engine ran for six bracket-race seasons. Not having a stretch gauge, I have torqued them using the spec. given and using the ARP lubricant.

The rods are Eagle H-beams and I shift at 6K and trap a little under 7K. My power level is about 725 horse with the combo listed in the signature. The machinist mentions that the rods will need some work to accept an L-19 bolt.

I suspect I should at least replace the 8740's and measure the free-length before installation. Am I at a power level I should upgrade to a different bolt and have the rods reworked? The pistons are Diamonds and weigh 560 grams, give or take.

The 8740's have worked well over the long-term for me, but I would like to leave some room to grow the power level as well. Go with a proven combo, or upgrade - the cost difference between replacing the bolts and upgrading is probably minimal, but the extra machine work adds a little more cost to it.

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Your old rods & bolts have served you well. They've earned their retirement. :yes:

You can still sell the old rods to someone for something.

Let their next owner replace their bolts w/whatever he likes.

Get new rods w/the best ARP bolts already installed.

You'll sleep better knowing you did the right thing. :thumbsup:

One less (major!) thing to even think about.

Save some $$$ elsewhere on something else. ;)
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