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restoring your own top and top frame

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hey chevelle guys has anybody ever instaled and or done any extensive work on there convt tops or frames ? any tips on this topic ?
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I just did my frame over the winter. I started to take the top off, but it looked involved and I didn't want to damage it as it is almost new. I ended up doing the job with the top on. It was a lot harder than it would have been if the top was off. I put clear plastic over the body, interior, and top taping everything really well. I had the top open about 2/3 of the way during post of the process but had to adjust depending on which part I was working on. I used a metal brush on a drill and took it down to bare metal. I only did the main header and side rails going back. The smaller scissor pieces and horizontal bars were good already. Primed it and painted with Rustoleum satin black spray paint. Came out perfect! :D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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