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Chevelle Related Books, Manuals & Magazines

  • Super Chevy and Chevy High Performance Magazine articles.
    Searchable web database of article titles. (opens in new window)
    Automotive Calculation Programs
    All the following available HERE
    • Aerodynamic and Rolling Horsepower
    • Acceleration Simulation
    • Best Differential Gear
    • Best Header Tube Length
    • Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimater
    • Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Temp. Adj.
    • Compression Ratio Calculation
    • Compression Ratio HP Change
    • Engine Displacement
    • Engine Displacement Conversion
    • Driveshaft Velocity
    • HP / Highway Dyno
    • Effective Tire Diameter
    • ET and MPH Environmental Correction
    • Flow - Horsepower/RPM Predictor
    • HP / Holley Jet Correction
    • Optimum Intake Runner
    • Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation
    • Fuel injector Sizing
    • Engine "Rough" Horsepower
    • RPM - MPH
    • RPM Range Computator
    • Shifting Point Calculator
    • Speedometer Calibration
  • More resources available here..........
    Free Programs
  • These excellent utilities will help with your project.


  • The Chevelle Mailing List.
    Join the email equivalent of Chevelle Tech. New subjects every day. ( I recommend getting the digest version for starters).
    Have a friend who has been a lot of help?
    Not too sure how to say thanks?
    Well, you can always send them a 'Virtual Cold Beer!' and a personalized message.

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