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First time post.

Working on a customers 70 El Camino 396 car. Restoring everything back to stock for collector plates.

What are the right colors etc for things like the motor parts, suspension and steering parts etc?

I did some searching but couldn't find anything concrete.

Could you get an aluminum intake in 70? If so, was it painted or natural cast?

Did all the 396 cars come with Chrome Valve covers?

Were these "period correct" for the early 70's?

Thanks for your help

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Click on this link. It will give you a pretty good idea, of what colors you need, for many parts.

The only big blocks that came with aluminum intakes were the solid lifter cars. The LS-6 and L-78. All others came with cast iron intakes.

Yes, all big blocks in 70 had chrome valve covers. None had aluminum covers, like in your picture. Actually those are for a small block.

I just finished a 69 Elky. If you click on the link below in my signature, there's a picture of it.
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