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Resistive Wire

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Where can I get resistive wire? I'v run a Mallory Unilite for over 14 yrs and recently burned the resistive wire from the starter on the exh. I would really rather not just mount a ballast resistor, but haven't found a source for this wire.
'64 elky
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recently burned the resistive wire from the starter
The wire from starter solenoid "R" terminal to the coil ISN'T resistive wire. That's the wire that BYPASSES the resistor wire when the starter is engaged.
Isn't that an electronic ignition and therefore shouldn't need or use a resistance wire or ballast resistor?
Just because it's electronic does NOT mean that it is designed properly.

There have been any number of electronic conversion kits that must have reduced voltage or the fragile internal circuitry pops.

Mallory Unilite is a good example. Mallory expects you to buy a $40 voltage regulator/surge suppressor to protect a module that should have been designed to operate safely at maximum voltage to begin with.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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