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Reproduction Steering Wheel Black Plastic-who Has Feedback On Them??

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Has any member used a repro 69-70 Chevelle black plastic steering wheel? Do they hold up or are they prone to cracks like the woodgrain plastic repro wheels? Whats your take on these steering wheels?
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i bought the comfort grip wheel and mounting kit from ground up and i did not like it at all.the real ones are like a shoft rubber not a hard plastic like the repos.i thought of sending it back then i read a thread here about leather wheel i did a search and found a company called wheel can find them on ebay or order direct from the website.if you do a thread search here you can find my post with a picture of my steering wheel with the cover on it.once i laced it up and installed the wheel i could not be more happier with the look and the feel.some thing you might want to think about.good luck
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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