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REPORT: Good Reproduction part!

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Yes, I've detailed over the past couple of years my troubles with reproduction 66 parts...but I am also going to give credit where credit is due.

One week ago I purchased a set of 66 interior headliner window moldings from NPD. These were Corvex brand parts. They quickly arrived in excellent condition, with the usual NPD excellent packing. Thanks NPD!

1. :thumbsup:Repro quality - The base material appeared identical to stock. Same finish, same thickness, same hardness of alloy. The part was dimensionally identical, with crisp accurate bends and cuts. The part appeared in every way identical to my original set, (minus the scratches and dents, of course.) Encouraging! I don't know if I just won the lottery or something, but these babies were nice. I found myself whistling while I worked.

2. The packaging was first rate, fully protecting the parts from damaging each other during transit. In the package were the eight correct black clips. One VERY minor quibble is that the clips were painted instead of phosphate coated as the originals... But besides the coating and the merest hint of "I'm a repop" patina, they looked, fit and functioned just like originals. Nice! (Yeah, for the over achiever, I suppose a really persnickety person could simply reuse their old clips...)

3. :thumbsup:A very BIG bonus was that Corvex included (without mentioning it to NPD, apparently) the "other" headliner piece with this set! I mean the small aluminum transition piece which goes at the end of the main trim spear, retaining the front end of the larger piece by clamping it at the transition to the A pillar. This piece is itself retained by a single Phillips screw at the top of the A pillar. I was really REALLY surprised by the inclusion of this part. This also explains why I couldn't find these separately in the NPD catalogue. That piece was also spot-on to my originals, with crisp lines, and the same excellent metallurgy, etc.
Wow - a "set" which really is a SET, not 1/2 the parts you actually need. yes! A real win there for Corvex, who could easily have left those parts out and sold them many other repoppers seem wont to do.

4. Fit was tight, crisp, and accurate. An exact-fit part with zero "issues".


Wow! FINALLY, a repop piece that meets the standard. Fit and finish, dimensions and metallurgy absolutely indistinguishable from an OEM part. Entire assembly included, no issues with hardware/fasteners.

First of all, THANKS to that unknown team of engineers and craftsmen at Corvex who took the time to get it right...100% right.

Second, This is PROOF a 100% accurate, correctly fitting reproduction trim part can be done.

Finally, a big thumbs up :thumbsup:to Corvex. Here's one part you can put on your concours 66 restoration without shame.
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Ordered a set for my '64. Here's hopin'.....
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