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Repo Factory Tach

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I am debating keeping my autometer monster tach vs. going with a factory style repo. How accurate are the repo's? What do you gys think I should do?
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Something to be aware of is the fact that some tachs can lag quite a bit behind the actual acceleration rate of the engine. You could actually be shifting a few hundred rpm higher than you think. They could still be accurate at any steady cruise rpm.
Thats what I was worrying about. It is going to be for a 1970 SS with about 550 HP and a tremec TKO-600. I like the idea of factory appearance but I also like the idea of having a more precise gauge.
Install hidden shift light, eg. use park brake lamp as shift light.
I like that idea, has anybody done this and have pics of the work. I just have a basic SS dash but am very tempted to go with the full SS gauge package. Like I said though I am hesitant to trust the accuracy of these gauges vs. autometers like the tach and the oil psi, temp, vac. ...etc.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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