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On a 67 Chevelle what is the smartest way to remove and replace the wiper control switch. I would like to avoit pulling the dash.


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by chadh5:
Whether or not its the smartest way or not I can't say, but I would lower the column a bit, and unbolt the dash and lower it too, so you have enough room to get your hand up in there to unplug it from underneath.


Agree - done it before. Anytime I had to service any of the four components on the dash...

1. Disconnect battery.
2. Remove steering wheel
3. Loosen the column bolts/nuts to allow it to drop a bit.
4. Remove screws around top lip that hold the dash.
5. Gently pull the dash out and down just enough to get your hand between the lower and upper dash panels. Dash does not have to come out, just lower it a bit.

Unless you have very small hands and don't cramp easily, you CAN get to it by going up from the underneath. I've done that when I was younger, but old age and hot days will cramp me up everytime if I get to contorted

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