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Replacement Procedures.

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For all those more "experienced" body techs.. Would you mind reviewing my plan of action... TIA

1. Adjust Decklid/Door to proper spec
2. Replace Rear Seat Pan
3. Replace Floors
4. Replace Deck Filler Panel
5. Patch RH Quarter
6. Remove LH 1/4
7. Remove outer/inner wells
8. Position both wells to fit
9. Position 1/4 to proper fit.
10. Remove 1/4, weld in Wells.
11. Weld on 1/4

The positioning would use sheet metal screws so I would have a guide to go about when put the 1/4 back on..

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I have never replaced Chevelle 1/4's, but here is what I have done in the past on other cars, providing there is room to do it.
Position the quarter, with large magnets on top, and jack stands on the bottom. Slide the outer wheel house in behind and position. Check alignment on quarter, and clamp the wheelhouse/quarter panel together. Remove them, and spotweld together (w/electric tong type spotwelder). Reinstall on car, and tack the quarter in place, then the wheelhouse. This only works when there is room to weld the wheelhouses in w/the quarters on. If fill welding w/a mig, make sure you punch the holes in the wheelhouse before you put it in.
Just another idea for you.
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