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Replacement ink

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I need to get some new cartridges for my Epson RX500 and was wondering:
1. if the compatible (non-Epson) cartridges are good enough to use?

2. if anyone has a good online store they'd recommend for this purchase?

I only print the odd picture here and there so if the non-Epson ones work well enough and don't mess up the printer they'll be fine.

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I have an Epson R200 that I use primarily to print CD/DVD faces and have always used Epson ink. I ordered a couple of 6 cartridge sets from to test them At $39 total (with shipping) compared to $60-$70 for a single 6-pack for Epson ink, I figured it wouldn't hurt. They haven't arrived yet but you might check out the website and compare their prices.
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