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has anyone ever done a vinyl repair on their door panel, if so what did you use? The driver panel has a small 1/4" tear at the very bottom. I dont want to replace the door panel for just a small area like this, besides I've heard the horror stories about aftermarket door panels.


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The best advice I can give you is to go to a local Chevrolet Dealer. Hopefully a good size dealer that has a big used car lot. Ask to speak with the used car manager. Ask him if he has a vendor that does interior repairs for their used cars. Sometimes a used car will have a small tear in the vinyl dash or console or a hole in a seat that needs repaired. They typically have vendors that stop in once a week to do these repairs.
Hopefully he's a Chevy guy that like old cars and will hook you up. These guys can match color and grain and the repairs are pretty durable unless it it a high use area. The area you are referring to should be fine.
Hope this helps, I've been at the same dealer for 15 years and have had small repairs like this done for my kids cars.


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