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repair or modification of lower axle mount to frame

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i've got a slightly enlarged lower control arm hole at the drivers side frame mounting brackets.
i was chasing a weird vibration/oscillation;
this only happened while under hard acceleration with tires grabbing and slipping.
the inside end of the mounting bolt is tied into the brace attached to the upper control arm bolt.
the outer mounting point where bolt goes thru boxed section of frame is where it needs attention...
do i just cut the boxed area open and weld a reinforcement plate in;
and then close up the boxed area on the outer part of the frame??
anyone else have the same issues???
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You probably will have to do just that. You might want to try and place a 1/4" thick washer with the correct size inner diameter against the bolt head side of the frame. Then try and tack weld from the bracket side of the frame to hold it in place. Then try and get a stick welder rod through the hole on the bolt head side to weld the washer in place. It will be tricky.
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