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My 70 elky has the rear & side windows tinted with that stick on window tint film (done by previous owner)

I want to remove the tint on the side & vent windows- How hard is this stuff to get off? Any ideas how to start? Good products to do it?


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It not that hard. First start at the corner and use a razor blade to seperate film from window then just pull the fill off the window it might start to rip if it does use the razor blade to start it again. When finished use rubbing alchol (spelled it wrong) it is like 50 cents at walgreens and that will take the glue off the windows. If the tint is really old and has turned purple and is bubbled you have to use paper towels and spray them with house hold amonia and let it sit for a while in the sun or heat it with a heat gun. When you peel the tint you have to spray the amonia while you peel it off. when using amonia make sure you are in a well vented area. It the tint is not purple and bubbled it sould take 30-45 min to remove it all and clean the window. If you got any question email me at [email protected] hope this help
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