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Removing a 72 Chevelle dash pad

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I just want to get some advice on removing the dash pad on my 72 Chevelle, I can see the screws that hold it on but I seem to remember reading on here that there are also some clips near the windsheild that also hold the dash pad on. What do these clips look like, can they fall into the dash (in the wiring) when I remove the dash pad? This is on a 72 Chevelle with the SS dash (round gauges). The reason I need to remove the dash pad is because when I turned my lights off the light switch went into the dash and now flops around in the opening in the guage cluster. Also whats involved with fixing my lightswitch problem, does it clip on or is there a screw. Thanks for any help.

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Hey Brandon

The clips you heard about hold the front down at the windshield. Remove all the screws (there are 3 in the glove box opening) and slide the pad towrds you.
Each clip engages a tongue at the bottom of the windshield frame (I think there are 4 or 5). The clips are stuck onto the pad and should not fall out.

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Brandon, the headlamp switch is held in place by a screw. Use a big screw driver to install it between the dash and switch. You should be able to do this without removing the dash pad. You have to reach under the dash and depress a button on the side of the switch to allow you to remove the headlamp knob. Might be a good idea if you disconnect the battery before reaching under the dash so you don't short anything or get shocked.
Good Luck
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