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Our forum’s are a place to post typical conversations that you might have in your garage, at a car show or just hanging out with your automotive buddies. We like the idea of promoting the community here and want to provide a place where folks can keep in touch with others of like mind.
Here's a few quick rules to live by:
  • We are all grown adults. Respect one another and treat each as you would want to be treated.

  • No vendor or manufacturer bashing.

  • Agree to Disagree. You won't change anyone's mind by arguing over the internet.

  • Don't attack others. Learn to get along with others and if you can't, learn how to ignore them. We don't allow arguing or fighting or general tomfoolery.

  • No posts aimed at embarrassing, harassing, creating problems, belittling or otherwise designed to make others feel unwelcome.

  • Everything (content and images) must remain PG-13 rated.

  • No useless posting or wasting forum resources.

  • Absolutely no politics or profanity.

  • No religious discussions.

  • Moderators can and will delete posts at their own discretion.

Above all, have fun... and enjoy the forum. It's all for you.
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Not open for further replies.