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I am installing a trans w/ lockup and carb w/ electric choke which both need switched 12V supply.

I and am thinking about installing a relay which is controlled using the wire going to the coil. The relay would then supply the voltage (directly from battery) to the coil, trans, and choke. Does this sound OK?

My electrical system is original (OLD) and I don't want to start hacking into it.

Also, should I install a switch to shut off the power going to the choke after the engine is warm? I would think it would waste juice by supplying power to the heating element after the engine is warm (I still have original low amp alternator).


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The electric choke needs power even after fully opened.

I would not do the proposed "coil wire" setup. Rather I would use the "IGN" post on your fuse block to drive said relay. Then just have this relay on a convienent spot for future ad ones.

My "stock wiring", as far as fuse block and dash go, drives two such relays with no problem

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