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Any advise on seat recovering. I finished up the headliner last weekend. Got the covers for front buckets and back. Now I need some insight and tips. Thanks.


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Hi Tim

A couple of things I can suggest. If your reusing your old seat buns and the foam is
broken down you might want to add alittle
padding and or use a steam iron on the foam
will help bring it back into shape.
Set the covers out in the sun awhile before
attempting the install. The vinyl will be much easier to work. Use good hog ring pliers
and use the lower part of your palm instead of just your fingers to stretch the vinyl.
You can also slap the vinyl as you pull and it will help stretch it.
On the bucket seat backs turn the covers inside out and roll them on from the top down. If you start them on straight as possible the job will be much easier and look
better. If you get a few wrinkles dont' sweat it too much..a few hours in the sun should take care of that.
I use a good pair of side cutters(****'s)
to remove the old hog rings. I'd suggest wearing some gloves during removal otherwise you'll have some blisters by the time you've finished the job.
One other thing if your're reusing your old foam you can make repairs by cutting out the old foam area and patching in new foam and glue it together well. Use an electic kitchen knife to shape the foam as needed.
Good luck. Its not that tough a job a
and always a nice feeling of doing it yourself. Post if you have any other questions..I can help in this area..

best regards
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