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i have the FIOS triple play in the house-i had an old dish on my garage, so i had a coax from the house to the garage, and hooked it up from my converter box to the garage TV -if im out in the garage, sometimes i turn on the FIOS station with just music, play it thru the TV in the garage-not the greatest, but not bad, lol
anyway, curious if there is a way that the music can be recorded on to a CD, maybe thru the computer, or does the copy write feature prevent it
i have a DVD recorder, but my guess is it wont record-sure would be neat, free downloads
i guess a mic could be rigged up, but quality wouldnt be great

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Copyrighted material would be the legal issue.

Finding a way to 'capture' the sound could just be a correct software issue.

Some time back I bought a turntable that plugged directly into my sound card and with the supplied software by Cakewalk I could capture to an .MP3 file. I also found the software allowed me to capture the audio from places like YouTube videos to an MP3 file.

Getting a feed from a cable (or satellite) could involve getting a TV tuner card so it'll convert the signal to something your PC can display. Then some software like Cakewalk to capture the audio portion with your sound card and save it as an MP3 or similar file that you could then burn to CDs.
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