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Recommended ring and pinion manufacturers

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Hi. I’m ready to remove my 4.56 ring and pinion to get back to numbers correct 3.31

Anyone have an opinion on who’s aftermarket I should look at? Prices seem to bounce between high $200 and $800

currently has a 3 series carrier with a ring gear spacer. So i know the carrier will work. This rear was retrofitted with the 4.56’s in the mid 70’s

it’s a 67 chevelle 12 bolt posi
CF 1214.
N 3894939
3:31 posi
Dec 14 1966
Cast date L76
December 7 1966

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US Gear was the only manufacturer that I know of that was making the 3.31. Tom's Differentials had them.
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Yes, Tom has been gone for a while now. She has been having a little trouble keeping parts in stock. There were a lot of things that only Tom had, and I hope she is able to keep getting those parts.
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