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Rebuild or Replace brake system

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I have a 67 Chevelle that is basically all original to my knowledge. Last week I went to back it out of the garage and the brake pedal went to the floor. I determined the master cylinder was the problem and pulled it from the car today. I noticed sludge in the bottom of each reservoir and inside of the cylinder when I pulled it apart. I noticed the aluminum pistons were pitted maybe adding to the sludge. What I am concerned with is if this sludge is through the whole brake system. I want to flush the whole system because as far as I know this is the original brake fluid, at least from the 1970’s. I was planning on replacing the brake hoses as well. I am also concerned with are the metal brake lines. They look solid from the outside, however; I don’t know if they are corroded on the inside. Should I flush them with alcohol and blow them out or just replace them? Should I replace/rebuild the wheel cylinders even though they are not leaking? Any suggestions?

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No longer and no more expensive than it is I would suggest rebuilding all 4 wheel cylinders. It has been my experience once you take the brakes apart, they are going to leak sooner or later and nothing will make you mad than getting it all back together and they leak. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure IMHO.

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